Stock Update

7th DecemberUK
E11550ANTIOXIDANT NUTRIENT TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableAdvanced Antioxidant FormulaE1033
E116100ANTIOXIDANT NUTRIENT TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableAdvanced Antioxidant FormulaE1033
E116660FORMULA VM75 VCAPSBeing Manufactured17-Dec30 TabsE1180
E11860ANTIOXIDANT FREE RADICAL MODBeing ManufacturedNo date availableAdvanced Antioxidant FormulaE1033
E1650ADVANCED ACIDOPHILUSBeing Manufactured10-DecAdvanced Acidophilus Plus (60 or 120 size)E14 E25
E18100ADVANCED ACIDOPHILUSIn transit10-DecAdvanced Acidophilus Plus (60 or 120 size)E14 E25
E1941100FOLATE 400 MCG TABSIn transit10-Dec50 sizeE1940
E205660ONE A DAY GLABeing ManufacturedNo date available30 sizeE2055
E2205100PHYTOSTEROL COMPLEX 1000 MGIn transit10-Decno direct alternative
E2260100POTASSIUM TABLETSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableno alternative
E279190VEGETARIAN MULTIPLE VCAPSBeing ManufacturedNo date availbleno capsule alternative as VM75 caps also o/s. otherwise VM2000E1186
E3050100VITAMIN B-2 100MG VCAPSBeing Manufactured19-Dec
no alternative unless a B complex is taken, which contains all the B's
E3621560SAGE LEAF EXTRACT VEGI CAPS 150 MGBeing ManufacturedNo date availableno direct alternative, could consider Botanical Female if for menopauseE51286
E3734100ASTRAGALUS 520MG F/P VCAPSBeing Manufactured14-JanAstragalus root extract (stronger version)E4106
E40100ALFALFA 600 MGBeing Manufactured7-Janno alternative
E402450SAW PALMETTO/OPUNTIA/LYCOPENEBeing ManufacturedNo date yetProstate SupportE2295
E4068100VEGETAL SILICA 520MG VCAPSBeing ManufacturedNo date availbleOceanic SilicaE2570
E5255060U CUBES GUMMIESIn transit10-Dec120 sizeE52551
E5406190MULTIPLUS CARDIO ESSENTIALSBeing ManufacturedNo date availablemulti, eg. VM75 (E1180) plus UbiquinolE2641
E5479190MULTIPLUS VISION ESSENTIALSBeing ManufacturedNo date availableMultivit eg. VM75 (E1180) plus Bilberry Gingko Eyebright E315
E1180 + E315
E55760CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT TABBeing Manufactured14-JanHomocysteine Mod, plus Nutri Nano Q10 (more active form)
E1410 + E916
E57160L-CARNITINE 500 MGBeing ManufacturedNo date available30 sizeE570
Due to the complex process of manufacturing the dates given could be subject to change
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